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Welcome to the Moon Lounge

The Moon Lounge, where you'll find a large selection of samples and loops to inspire your creativity.

Find more about Christian Moon below.

At the Station

Christian Moon... the embodiment of suave, smooth, and sensual saxophonist artistry.  With every breath, Moon weaves a magical tapestry of fascinating sounds. Each note glides with finesse, caressing the air with a tender touch. He captivates audiences in a world of sheer musical enchantment, transporting them through a musical journey like no other - an experience so divine that it lingers in the hearts of listeners long after the last note has faded.

Moon has mesmerized online audiences, garnering a devoted following he likes to call, "The Family". Through soul-stirring recordings and captivating videos he trail-blazes in the digital realm to bring the allure of the saxophone to millions. Moon seeks to inspire and uplift others in every performance, encouraging them to find solace and joy through the light of Jesus Christ's love and grace.

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Mr. Moon

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